What do Un-Dead Knitting Walkers REALLY Want?

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"Skeins... SKEINS..!"

It was inevitable, the Knitting Dead colors have risen and they're back!

But we need YOU to help us determine what two NEW colors we should add to the Knitting Dead!

Suggest a new colorway & you could win a Knitting Dead mini-skein set!

  • Maybe you feel there’s a character we’ve slighted by not giving them their own color - let us know!
  • Or perhaps there’s a location or event you’ve always wanted to see portrayed in yarn - tell us!
  • Or maybe you’ll be inspired by the first episode of season five, and want to see one of the new kids shown off in a beautiful, knitable (or crochetable) colorway - SHARE!!
Submit your ideas in the comments of our blog
right up until Friday, Oct 17!

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