February 2014 BrainBuzz Newsletter
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Enjoy a "AAA" Valentine's Day
Do you ever feel that your "soul mate" has become a "cell mate"? Are you concerned that the spark that ignited your positive attraction might have fizzled into a negative reaction?

A multitude of factors can agitate your personal security and relationships. However, understanding you Brain Color attitude and how it influences your romantic relationship will help you resolve personal conflicts and create more love and harmony in your life. Often, we are romantically drawn to another person because we admire his or her

Image 1

personality traits and talents that we do not have or that we would like to have more of. Try my "AAA" solution to amorous dilemmas that can dampen the success of your romantic relationship:
1. Recognize what Attracted you to each other.
2. Understand why different idiosyncrasies have become an Annoyance.
3. Accept your loved one for whom he or she is and what he or she values, even if his or her ideas differ from yours.

Now you can Appreciate why you fell in love with each other to keep the romantic spark that ignited your positive attraction from fizzling into a negative reaction! Make your Valentine's Day and every day more romantic with the following Brain Color Positive Attractions Clues:

Yellow Brainers Are Attracted To:
Yellow Brainers who respect their rules.
Orange Brainers who contribute adventure to their routine.
Blue Brainers who cooperate on their projects.
Green Brainers who provide structured systems for them.

Blue Brainers Are Attracted To:
Blue Brainers who reciprocate their show of affection.
Yellow Brainers who respect their feelings.
Green Brainers who give them a logical perspective.
Orange Brainers who encourage their creativity.

Green Brainers Are Attracted To:
Green Brainers who also value solitude.
Blue Brainers who are thoughtful.
Yellow Brainers who keep precise records.
Orange Brainers who seize opportunities.

Orange Brainers Are Attracted To:
Orange Brainers who will join in their fun.
Blue Brainers who encourage their enthusiasm.
Green Brainers who help them calculate risk.
Yellow Brainers who plan their activities.

More Romantic Brain Color Clues can be found in Chapter 7-Your Romantic Relationships, in my What Color Is Your Brain? book.

Happy "AAA" Valentine's Day!
Author School Visits and Praiseworthy Gifts
My Orange Brain is eager to tell you how much my Blue Brain is enjoying my weekly Author School Visits with Laura Newcomer's remarkable 5th grade Skills Block (Enrichment) class at Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Elementary School in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.
The students have begun an exciting new novel/book study unit and are reading my children’s book Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift.

Image 2

As the students read my fairytale, they will visit the four Brain Color villages to determine where they would best fit in, discover and learn about their own and their classmates’ different personality types, participate in educational activities, and enjoy group discussions with each other and with me.

At the beginning of the study unit, Mrs. Newcomer, who generously wrote a foreword and contributed copious activities to my Teacher’s Activity Guide for “Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift”, had each student take the Student’s Brain Color Quiz in the Teacher’s Activity Guide to determine their Brain Color personalities.

During my 1st visit, it was most rewarding to watch the six students who were part of the school district’s enrichment Problem Solving Investigation class two years ago act as Village Emissaries and expertly explain the different Brain Color behaviors, attributes, and abilities to their classmates. My Yellow Brain was so proud of them!

When Mrs. Newcomer asked the students how they should be grouped at their cooperative learning tables, they all said, “With the same Brain Colors.” The students’ Brain Colors were almost equally divided:

5 Yellow Brain Students who learn best when they feel prepared and are given clear direction

6 Blue Brain Students who learn best with visual aids and by sharing ideas with classmates  

6 Green Brain Students who learn best by working independently with books and computers

8 Orange Brain Students who learn best with a variety of hands-on activities and competition

Mrs. Newcomer and I were pleased that the students set themselves up for opportunities to recognize how the villagers in the Kingdom of Kindness separated themselves from one another. They did not realize that they had given us numerous perfect teachable moments to help them learn how to appreciate and accept differences and understand that each student is a beautiful “Brainbow” blending of his or her Brain Colors and Praiseworthy Gifts.

During my 2nd visit, the children asked me questions from the journals they had made. Every child had time to ask me one question. Some of their journal questions were:
1. How long did it take to write the book?
2. How was the book published and illustrated?
3. Did I create the characters?
4. Were any of the characters real?

Many of my answers came from the Characters Back-Story on my website.

Several of the Green Brain students have become excellent editors and have discovered misspellings and mistakes in Princess Shayna's Invisible Visible Gift and What Color Is Your Brain?. Mrs. Newcomer and I are thrilled that the students feel safe in their classroom Kingdom of Kindness and feel comfortable telling and showing me the mistakes in my books. The students know they will be praised, not punished, for using their Green Brain Editing Skills and finding the mistakes the professional editors missed!

During my 3rd visit, Mrs. Newcomer gave the students Yellow Brain Directions for their group activity. She instructed the class to cut out and paste their Praiseworthy Gift Figure on a heavier piece of paper and include their name. After the students completed their task, they passed their figures "round-robin" to the person on their right, to give every student an opportunity to write a Praiseworthy Gift about one another.

During my 4th visit, which was the finale of the group activity, every student stood up and shared one of the Praiseworthy Gifts they had colorfully written on their Praiseworthy Gift Figure. It was refreshing to learn what the students thought was praiseworthy about themselves. The students enjoyed the activity and learned positive attributes about themselves from their classmates.

I explained to the students that most people never think about their own Praiseworthy Gifts, but can easily think of other people's gifts. I wanted the children to know they were not being self-centered, but were self-caring and able to recognize and appreciate their own gifts.

Children know what their parents, teachers, friends, and family members think about them. I think it is critical for children to discover their own Praiseworthy Gifts to help them feel more capable and build their self-esteem/confidence.

Mrs. Newcomer and I enjoyed many of the students' Praiseworthy Gift descriptive words. I trust you will also: Generous, Silly, Exceptional, Disappearing, Unique, Innovator, Genius, Mature, Knowledge of future events, Modest, Cool, Bookworm, Musician, Peaceful, Naturalist, Fashionista, Cute, Multi-talented, Great friend, Optimistic, Complicated, Super star, and Big listener.

For my 5th Author School Visit, my Yellow Brain Plan is to explain the Brain Color processes an author, editor,  artist, and publishing company use to create a book. We are also going to discuss diabetes and how Sigmund the Royal Wizard teaches Princess Shayna to take good care of herself and manage  her T1D (Type 1 Diabetes) by taking her Silver Apricot Potion.

Rimsiyavyo! If you know a school or classroom who would benefit from one of my School Programs, please contact me at sheila@sheilaglazov.com.
Princess Shayna's Happy Birthday and Return to Broadway!
On February 2nd many people celebrated Groundhog Day.

It also was the "second day of the second month of the New Year," on which I celebrated my 69th birthday, our youngest grandson celebrated his 5th birthday, and Princess Shayna celebrated her 17th birthday. I also was delightfully surprised by the beautifully hand-crafted Princess Shayna birthday cards Mrs. Newcomer's 5th grade class created for me!

On April 3rd and 4th
Princess Shayna will return to Broadway!

Image 3

Last October, the premier performances of The Invisible Visible Gift at the Broadway Theatre of Pitman in Pitman, New Jersey received rave reviews from teachers, students, and parents: “Fantastic!, Fun!, Loved it!, Great message for children!, Fits perfectly into classroom lessons plans for students, Teaches recognition of people's differences and similarities.”

The musical’s heroine is Shayna the “Student” who becomes Shayna the “Princess,” a strong, independent, and self-confident young woman. Girls and boys alike will relate to the way Shayna deals with challenges during her arduous Vision Quest. Students will cheer when Shayna shares her Invisible Visible Gift of love, self-worth, and acceptance to harmoniously reunite the four villages of the Kingdom of Kindness, which have built walls of mistrust and misunderstanding around their villages.

Along with Shayna, students will learn the skills needed to deal with real life challenges such as: bullying vs. friendship, acceptance vs. rejection, fear vs. security, trust vs. suspicion, and harmony vs. chaos.

On her journey, Princess Shayna encounters three vicious villains who try to thwart her plans. Shayna recognizes the “villains” as the bullies she’s experienced at school. By relating the book to her own life, Shayna understands that everyone has their own “gifts,” which helps her feel more comfortable accepting  and appreciating other‘s strengths and differences.

This Original, Entertaining, and Educational Musical Performance for students of all ages encourages children to get along with one another, appreciate their differences, and deal with bully behavior!

If you live in the New Jersey or Philadelphia area or know someone who does, please contact Jenifer Neiswender at 609-647-3137 or send her an email at jneiswender@broadwaytheatreofpitman.com for ticket information!
I am delighted and honored to announce that I will be the Keynote speaker and also facilitate an interactive break out session at the "Living With Type One Diabetes" Educational Symposium.

The South Jersey chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is hosting this exciting event on February 22nd from  8:00am - 2:30pm at the Enterprise Center at BBC, 3331 Route 38 in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.
Sessions at the symposium will discuss: Nutrition, Life Stages, Pregnancy, Exercise, Family Issues, and What Color Is Your Brain? and Diabetes Management. 
If you have any questions about the symposium and/or would like to attend, please contact Barbara Garrison at BGarrison@jdrf.org or call Barb at 856-429-1101.
My Blue Brain and Heart are passionately dedicated to finding a cure for diabetes for our son Joshua, who has had T1D (Type 1 Diabetes) for 28 years, and the other millions of adults and children around the world who are challenged every hour of every day by this insidious disease.

Diabetes has become an epidemic.
Diabetes currently affects more than 371 million people worldwide and is expected to affect 552 million by 2030.
As many as 3,000,000 Americans may have T1D.  
 In the U.S., a new case of diabetes is diagnosed every 30 seconds; more than 1.9 million people are diagnosed each year.

You can read more information about diabetes on the JDRF website

My Green Editing Brain is still focused on writing and revising chapters for my new
What Color Is Your Brain? When Caring for Patients
book. However, sometimes my Blue Brain finds it difficult to abandon my ideas because, like most authors, I tend to fall in love with my creativity.

While I am writing, I am still available to discuss a customized program for your business, school, or organization. Please contact me at sheila@sheilaglazov.com or 847.526.9039.

Two weeks ago, I facilitated a What Color Is Your Brain? Team Building and Communication program for IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) at the Catalyst Ranch, which is a colorful and creative meeting venue.Team members said, "It's helpful to recognize all the Brain Colors’ motivation for getting stuff done—collaboration. We can talk Brain Colors with staff when we talk about work assignments and responsibilities."

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