March 2014 BrainBuzz Newsletter
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Princess Shayna Is Returning to Broadway!
Don’t miss this Original, Entertaining, and Educational
Musical Performance for students of all ages!

On Thursday, April 3rd and Friday, April 4th Princess Shayna will return to the Broadway Theatre of Pitman, in Pitman, New Jersey.

Shayna can’t find a place to fit in at her school. The Drama Club, Math

Image 1

Club, Student Council, and Cheerleading Squad all turn her away. Her principal recommends a book that might help. Watch as Shayna becomes the princess in the story. As the princess, she must complete her Vision Quest and bring harmony, respect, acceptance, and cooperation to the villages of the Kingdom of Kindness, which has been divided by mistrust and misunderstanding.

On her journey Princess Shayna encounters three vicious villains who try to thwart her plans.Shayna
must face her fears and challenges with Type 1 Diabetes. She recognizes the “villains” as the bullies she’s experienced at school. By relating the book to her own life, Shayna understands that everyone has his or her own “gifts," which helps her feel more comfortable accepting  and appreciating other‘s strengths and differences.

This fun and engaging performance, which is an adaptation of Princess Shayna's Invisible Visible Gift,   encourages students to: value their and others’ capabilities and diversity, deal with bully behavior, and
learn problem solving skills by relating to the timeless and timely characters and storyline.
 If you live in the Philadelphia or South New Jersey area, tell the teachers and schools in your community!
  Group Tickets only $6!  Reserve today! 
Call Jen at 609-647-3137
or email
"Living With Diabetes Is No Easy Feat"
The picture on the right was taken by Scott Kasper, the President of the JDRF South Jersey Chapter. Scott took this picture (on the right) of his three sons. Two of his sons have T1D (Type 1 Diabetes).

It was a privilege and a pleasure to be part of the South Jersey Chapter's Educational Symposium on Saturday, February 22nd in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. I included the image on the right in my Keynote Presentations: What Color Is Your Brain? While Living with Type One Diabetes.

Image 2

Defeat Diabetes!
The picture sends a powerful message about the diabetes epidemic.

During my interactive breakout session,The Brain Color “Highs” and “Lows” of diabetes management and family relationships attendees were divided into four Brain Color groups to explore the Brain Color concept in-depth, using everyone’s insightful experiences. According to their Brain Color perspective, attendees answered meaningful and relevant questions relating to the “Highs” and “Lows” of diabetes management and family relationships. Each Brain Color group’s answers will be discussed and shared to develop a better understanding of one another in specific situations to create more harmonious relationships with family members.

The picture below of Scott's youngest son gave me the idea to ask each Brain Color group a final question, which Scott had asked his sons."What is one word you would use to write about Living with Type 1 Diabetes?” Each attendee wrote a "D" after the word if they had diabetes or an "F" after the word if they were a family member. Some of the attendees wrote more than one word.

7 Yellow Brainers wrote: Invisible F, Cooperative-F, Unpredictable-F, Responsible-F, Constant-F,
Scientific-F, Opportunistic-D, Guilt-F, Pervasive-F, Helpers-F, Accountability-F

8 Blue Brainers wrote: Difficult-D, Challenging-D/F, Understanding-F, Inspiring-F, Constant-F, Consuming-D, Worrisome-D/F, Anxious-D/F

4 Green Brainers wrote: Accepting-D, Control-F/F, Humbling-F

3 Orange Brainers wrote: Challenging-D, Conquerable-D, Sucks-F, Tough-F

FYI: April is Defeat Diabetes Month!
Celebration with 5th Grade Enrichment Students
On March 12th, I enjoyed my 6th visit and final Author School Visit with Laura Newcomer's 5th grade Enrichment Class for our Celebration Class.

The children' played Princess Shayna
Bingo with Bingo cards that included the fairytale characters' names, villages, and Brain Colors. The students also enjoyed selecting prizes from a large gift basket

Image 3

filled with pens, pencils, markers, erasers, and stickers, when they won. I also answered the last thought-provoking questions they had written in their Princess Shayna Journals. I gave each student a  personalized Princess Shayna Book Mark with his or her Brain Color.

We all were sad that our class time together was over. However, we are looking forward to a reunion in
April. After our celebration Mrs. Newcomer gave me the results of the Princess Shayna's Invisible Visible Gift Book Questionnaire that each of the students completed.

Image 3

 The Enrichment Class included 25 children = 17 girls and 8 boys.

Yellow Brainers: 5
= 4 girls and 1 boy

Blue Brainers: 6
= 5 girls and 1 boy

Green Brainers: 6
= 3 girls and 3 boys

Orange Brainers: 8
= 5 girls and 3 boys

22 students answered the following 4 questions by circling the number that represented how they felt: Least as 1 and how they felt Most as 5.

Think about how you felt at school, home, and with your friends BEFORE you read Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift.

1. I found it easy to trust others.
#1=0, 2=2, 3=10, 4=6, 5=4                                                     
2. I was aware of my unique Praiseworthy Gifts.
#1=2, 2=7, 3=3, 4=2, 5=8            

3. I was aware of others’ Praiseworthy Gifts. #
1=3, 2=2, 3=5, 4=7, 5=5                           

4. I was aware that I had the Invisible Visible Gift.
#1=7, 2=5, 3=1, 4=8, 5=1

Think about how you feel at school, home, and with your friends NOW that you have read Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift.

1. I find it easy to trust others.
#1=0, 2=0, 3=2, 4=10, 5=10                                                     
2. I am aware of my unique Praiseworthy Gifts.
#1=0, 2=0, 3=2, 4=1, 5=19                                                                                                                              
3. I am aware of others’ Praiseworthy Gifts.
#1=1, 2=0, 3=1, 4=5, 5=15                                                                                                                            
4. I am aware that I have the Invisible Visible Gift.
#1=1, 2=1, 3=1, 4=6, 5=13

Orange Brain Hannah added the following comment to the bottom of her questionnaire:
"The Princess Shayna Book inspired me and helped me learn more about myself and others!"
Mrs.Newcomer and I were delighted to see the positive improvement in the students' awareness about their Praiseworthy Gifts, the Invisible Visible Gift, Trust, and their classmates' Praiseworthy Gifts.

Below are insightful examples of the students' answers to the question: My Praiseworthy Gifts are:

Yellow Brainers: 
Awesome, Responsible, Positive, Neat, Upbeat, Thoughtful, Cute, Saucy, Bright, Caring, Pretty, and Mature

Blue Brainers:
Artistic, Kind, Talkative, Sensitive, Passionate, Trustworthy, Good listener, Fashionable,
Considerate, Friendly, Musical, and Creative

Green Brainers:
Determined, Calm, Logical, Inventor, Scientific, Engineer, Mechanical, Curious, Focused, Independent, Problem solver, and Mathematical  

Orange Brainers:
 Happy, Athletic, Unique, Funny, Runner, Crazy, Energetic, "You only live once!", Silly, Good swimmer, Generous, and Jokester  

At the conclusion of the Celebration, Mrs. Newcomer and the children gave me an Orange Brain Surprise! It was a Princess Shayna Photo Album with a picture of each student talking to one of my Princess Shayna or Brain Color Puppets.

For example, in his picture Green Brain Logan was speaking to the Brainbow Puppet and asked him, "Brainbow, do you like being all the colors?" Brainbows replied, "Yes, because I can use each Brain Color at the same time in different situations. I am flexible and not flexible too, and very smart and athletic. It is awesome being a Brainbow!" 

The students' questions and the puppets' replies in the pictures demonstrated how thoroughly the students understood the Brain Color Approach and how to utilize the concepts to express their feelings, thoughts, and behavior! My Blue Heart was singing and I had to hold back my tears of Joy!

After class, Mrs. Newcomer and I returned to her office where I signed a rainbow-colored Princess Shayna Certificate of  Achievement for each student that included pictures from my Princess Shayna Photo Album . The Certificate of Achievement read:

We hereby present
Student's Name with this Certificate,
in honor and recognition of your outstanding achievement
in completing the Vision Quest with Princess Shayna,
given this, March of 2014
Sheila N. Glazov and Mrs. Newcomer


March is Brain Awareness Month

This week, I received a fascinating article from my Yellow/Blue Brain friend Maureen Rosenfeld, MS, LCPC, CDVP, CPAIP, Director of Client Services at the Community Crisis Center in Elgin, Illinois. The
National Institute of Health article was about Brain Awareness. Maureen sent the article because she knew I would appreciate, as she did, the following:
We often say that with the powerful tools of neuroscience, we can now use the brain to understand the mind, fulfilling the original vision that Freud had for a scientific psychology."

Did you know? The human brain is thought to have close to 86 billion neurons, each making on average about 10,000 connections.

At the end of
Chapter #7—Your Connection With Patients for my new What Color Is Your Brain? When Caring for Patients book, I added the following anonymous poem. I like the simplicity, preciseness, and visualization of the message.

A Smile
Keep your smiled pinned on!
It may give another cheer;
It may soothe another’s fear;
It may help another fight,
If your smile’s tight!
We can pin a smile on our faces when we discuss a customized What Color Is Your Brain? program! Contact me at or 847.526.9039

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