Princess Shayna Is Going To Broadway!
Princess Shayna's Invisible Visible Gift
has been adapted into a children's musical stage production!
The performance will premier at the
Broadway Theatre of Pitman
in Pitman, New Jersey
October 10th & 11th, 2013.


This professional live stage production will kick off the
Broadway Theatre's Educational Series,
which will begin in October for Bully Prevention Month.

The musical will be produced and directed by the highly acclaimed
Chuck Bennett a.k.a "Mr. Malcom".

The performance will highlight many of the meaningful messages from my book:
Recognizing Your Self-Worth - Valuing Your Capabilities
Bully Prevention - Appreciating Differences - Dealing with Life's Challenges 

Princess Shayna is not the predictable fairy tale heroine who is poisoned by a villain, abandoned by her parents, or rescued by Prince Charming’s kiss. The princess is a strong, independent, and self-confident young woman, whom girls and boys alike, can emulate
and respect.  

Meevillain, the Princess of the Forest of Fear, has cast her Cloud of Chaos across the Kingdom of Kindness, causing the villagers to build walls of mistrust and misunderstanding around their villages. Princess Shayna embarks on a daunting and dangerous Vision Quest to share her Invisible Visible Gift, harmoniously reunite the villages of the kingdom, and prove that someday she can become Queen.

Will Meevillain’s deadly plot of deceit and treachery keep the princess from completing her journey and returning home by the second day of the second month of the next New Year?

The princess’ fate and the completion of her Vision Quest hang in the balance.

Join Princess Shayna on her Vision Quest before time runs out and the princess must face Meevillain and her deepest fear!       
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