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            April 27 - May 3, 2014
Pensacola Area
Burglaries and Crime 

In this weeks edition...

  • Local News: Escambia triple stabbing & more!
  • Videos: Check out dumb criminal videos!
  • Crime prevention tip of the week
  • Crime hot spots: Watch out in areas where there have been multiple incidents.
  • On the Crazy side!  


News on the Gulf Coast

Triple Stabbing in Escambia County

Doughnut Landed Man in the Hole

Century Man Charged with Stealing Makeup, Drug Possession

Molino Man Charged with Stealing Copper Wire, TV

Fourth Suspect Arrested in Cantonment Animal Cruelty Case


Stupid Criminal Videos of the Week


McDonald's Robber Tackled and Caught youtu.be/tRIvL2vM-Qs
Man Tries to Steal ipad and Fails Miserably youtu.be/U--EaOO4UJ8
Burglar Falls Out Window http:MLMf5vwEFp0//youtu.be/


Crime Prevention Tip of the Week


Request Free Safety Tips Whitepaper from AVS:

Links go to a map which shows where crimes have occurred in the Pensacola area. Copy and paste them into your address bar.


Assault, Burglary, and Shooting City of Pensacola:  spotcrime.com/#30.489340%2C%20-87.19769

Burglary, Assault, and Theft City of Gulf Breeze: spotcrime.com/#32507

Assualt, Burglary, and Theft Escambia County: spotcrime.com/#32534


On the Crazy Side...



NBC Miami – Neighbors who were smoking crack together in the Florida Keys wound up behind bars after one started swinging a machete at the other, authorities said. The incident happened late Wednesday night when deputies responded to reports of a man swinging a machete at people on Point Pleasant Drive in Key Largo, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said. Deputies found a couple who claimed their neighbor, 53-year-old Antonio Motes-Diaz, had been swinging the machete. As the investigation continued, the couple admitted they had been drinking beer and smoking crack with Motes before the machete incident, authorities said. Motes claimed the couple became upset when he ran out of crack and said the woman spat on him and the man, identified as 26-year-old Christopher Stevens, had attacked him, authorities said. Motes said he grabbed a baseball bat and then a machete to “defend himself,” authorities said. Deputies charged Motes with aggravated assault. Stevens was arrested after he was found to be in possession of Alprazolam, a generic Xanax, without a prescription. Both Motes and Stevens were being held without bond Thursday, and it was unknown whether they have attorneys.


As the old mantra goes, the couple that smokes crack together, stays together. Such a cute couple, drinking beer and smoking crack. And how lucky of them their neighbor shares similar interests. Would love to be invited to their neighborhood picnic. Would be a doozy. Crack pipes next to the pulled pork, machetes in place of the cutlery. Now what happened here was the neighbor, Motes, ran out of crack. That’s a huge no-no. You can’t offercrack to your neighbors, and then run out. That’s ridiculous. It’s like your friend who you invite over but he brings 3 beers, and then offers you one. Uh, thanks man. Nice sixer minimum, light beer 12er is standard, anything more is a plus. You don’t want to be that guy who gets the machete pulled on you in Florida.





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