Save money, conserve water...

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Below are a few tips to conserve water... 

Standing water or excessively wet areas

Install Rain Bird SAM PRS series spray heads

Excessive water
Pay close attention to wet areas or leaking heads. That is the first sign of a water leak or drainage issue. Unfortunately, the second sign is a high water bill. Also, make sure that your sprinkler heads are covering the appropriate area and not over-spraying your lawn.

SAM sprinkler heads restrict water loss by up to 70% even if the nozzle is removed or damaged. They also end misting and fogging caused by high pressure and can prevent drainage from heads at lower elevations.

How old is your system?

Install a Smart Controller

Do you need a sprinkler system modification?
Are your spray heads worn out? You could be saving 20% - 50% of your water usage by modifying your system. During the colder months (Oct - Dec) modifications are usually less expensive to do.

Smart controllers automatically update programming for seasonal changes by using onsite rainfall and historical weather data. They also reduce run off because of soak in time.

Install a freeze relief valve

Install a freeze/rain sensor

Freezing temperatures
If you currently have a rain sensor, check into getting a freeze relief valve installed.  Freeze relief valves are designed to prevent damage to your system during a freeze. For others simply winterizing the system before a freeze can prevent broken pipes or leaks.

Do you have a rain/freeze sensor? With a rain/freeze sensor weather data is updated every 45 seconds. They have large digital panel with battery and signal strength bars. The sensor also turns off system during rain and when temperatures are cold. 

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