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    e-newsletter: April 23, 2014


    JBANC urges U.S. Senate to continue strong support for Ukraine  

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    In the past month, JBANC twice visited all 100 Senate offices to deliver letters urging support for Ukraine and condemning Moscow' actions.

    In the first letter in March, JBANC asked Senators to support the Ukraine aid package and to help stop Russian aggression. Following up on April 14, JBANC expressed thanks to the Senate for their unanimous support for the Ukraine aid bill, and urged "swift implementation" of the new law authorizing appropriations for security cooperation and defense assistance to Ukraine and its Central and East European neighbors. In addition, JBANC has asked for a "significant expansion" of the Magnitsky sanctions list, targeting officials in Putin's regime involved in human rights and other violations.

    Read the text of JBANC's latest Senate letter here:


    Congressman Steve Stockman (TX-36) joins House Baltic Caucus 

    Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas announced last week that he has joined the House Baltic Caucus! 


    “Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are beacons of economic freedom in Eastern Europe. We must stand with the people of the Baltic states against the growing threat of Russian aggression. The United States should forge stronger economic and cultural ties with the people of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and I am thankful for the opportunity to help lead that effort in Congress.”

    (Rep. Steve Stockman)

    Has your U.S. Representative joined the House Baltic Caucus? 

    If not, please ask them to do so, to show their support for Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania!

    Read more about House Baltic Caucus: housebalticcaucus.webs.com/dearcolleague113th.htm

    Central and East European Coalition statement on Ukraine crisis

    The Central and East European Coalition (CEEC), comprising 18 national organizations, including JBANC, represents more than 20 million Americans of Central and Eastern Europe heritage. The Coalition recently issued a statement regarding the situation in Ukraine. In its statement, the CEEC mentions a number of concrete steps and practical actions that the U.S. and other countries should consider to stabilize the situation in Ukraine and the entire region. Read the full CEEC statement and its call for further action hereceecoalition.us/

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    JBANC and CEEC meet with White House NSC Russia Director Michael Carpenter

    JBANC, together with partners in the Central and East European Coalition  (CEEC), met on April 8 with National Security Council Russia Director  Michael Carpenter at the White House to discuss Ukraine and related  security issues. The discussion focused on steps the United States has taken and plans on taking in response to Moscow's aggression against Ukraine. See more: jbanc.org/?page=blog&v=5&id=130


    The Joint Baltic American National Committee, Inc. (JBANC) is a non-profit organization that monitors issues affecting Baltic-American communities in the United States and the nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. JBANC helps to coordinate Baltic-American activities in Washington, DC with the U.S. Congress, administration, NGO’s and other groups.
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    • April 27: JBANC's 53rd anniversary!

    • May 9 - 25: World Ice Hockety Championship in Belarus. JBANC will host an online Google+ Hangout forum on May 6 to address the current situation in Belarus with leading experts. More info will be available on JBANC' s social media channels soon.

    • May 21: 150th commemoration of Circassian genocide



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JBANC (the Joint Baltic American National Committee) is a non-profit organization that monitors issues affecting Baltic-American communities in the United States and the nations of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. JBANC helps to coordinate Baltic – American activities in Washington, DC with the U.S. Congress, administration, NGO’s and other groups.

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