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May 2013 Newsletter

A Talk with the Author

Hello everyone,
 I have finished Indiana Wild: Spirit Pass Book 1 and for those who want to snatch her story up, I have joined the KDP plan so I could offer it free for 5 days. There are only a couple of days left! Unfortunately, Indiana's story can only downloaded through Amazon at this time.

I am also resuming my work on Paul's Pursuit: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 6 but will take the time out to write the excerpt for Cosmos' Promise so I can post that for you. Summer is fast approaching and I am hoping, planning, going-to-make-sure-it-happens type of determination to get more writing done as the stories are beginning to pile up in my poor brain again.

Ask and I Shall Answer

This section is devoted to questions that readers send to me. I try to respond personally but sometimes I may miss someone or I realize that others may have the same questions. Here are a few I have recently received.

FAQ:  Where is Cosmos' excerpt?

Answer: I have been focused on writing Indiana and a new short story that I have completed. I promise you will see it in the next week!

FAQ:  Will you be writing about Kordon's brothers?

Answer: Yes. Kordon, from Gracie's Touch, had several brothers that were introduced in her story. Each of them will eventually have their own story. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, I have to write Krac's story first because he really, really needs to find his special lady.

FAQ:  Which book is coming next?

Answer:  I was not expecting the reception I received from Indiana which is why I am a little behind on Paul's story. Paul's Pursuit will be my next book. Expect in around June 15, 2013 if not sooner.

FAQ: Are you going to write more paranormal romances?

Answer: Yes, I plan to write many more paranormal and time travel romances. The Heaven Sent series has several more stories that need to be told and I already have several time travel books in the works. Two of them are Jacob and Maikoda's stories, of course.


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New Release Book

Indiana Wild: Spirit Pass Book 1
(April 26, 2013)
Indiana Wild has been released early. I wanted to give something back to my readers so I have offered her story free for five days (the maximum allowed by Amazon). I hope you enjoy her story as much as I did. 

Indiana Wild is as wild as the Montana ranch she was raised on. The youngest of four children, she was a delightful surprise for her older parents. She spends her time training horses and cow dogs and loving the freedom of the wide open spaces. When her grandfather dies, she finds her much older brothers have different plans for the ranch she calls home and for Indiana.

Indiana’s oldest brother is determined to tame Indiana and bring her to live with him in Los Angeles where he can keep an eye on her and the money she is inheriting. He believes with a little taming, he can control the wild spirit of his little sister and find her a good husband who can manage her.

Furious with the court order giving her older brother guardianship over her, Indiana turns to the only place she feels at home…. the wide-open spaces of Montana. She is determined to avoid her controlling brothers and their greed, even if it means hiding from them until they give up. An unexpected trip through Spirit Pass takes Indiana further than she ever expected…. by almost a hundred and fifty years.

Jonathan Tucker is as tough as they come. He and his twin brother have cut a successful horse and cattle ranch in the harsh Montana territory. When cattle rustlers try to steal his cattle and shoot one of his men, he is grateful to the young boy named Indy who comes to the rescue, even if the boy does have an attitude. The last thing he expects is to find the ‘boy’ is in fact an independent, freethinking, stubborn female who is not afraid to voice her opinions. She is as wild as the untamed land around them and he is determined she is the wife for him.

When Indiana is taken from him, Jonathan finds he will do whatever it takes to bring his Indiana Wild home for good, even if it means following her to the future.

Upcoming Books

Paul's Pursuit: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 6
(June 15, 2013)
This book continues the fight against Raffvin. This story is about Paul and Morian but will also give you more insight into the lives of Abby, Zoran and the rest of the characters and their offspring.

Cosmos' Promise: Cosmos' Gateway Book 4
(Summer 2013; look for the excerpt in the next week)
This book will focus on Cosmos and Terra. I can't wait to finish this story because I want to not only find out what happens with them but with some of the other characters! Lan, Brock, Natasha, Helene, and Merrick are just a few!

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Books In Review

Star's Storm: Lords of Kassis Book 2

Star's character came as a big surprise to me. I knew I would write about her, my sister wouldn't let me not tell her story, but I wasn't sure how her character would develop. When I started, I fell deeper and deeper into it becoming more fascinated with her strength, love, and determination. Jazin's feelings for her blew me away. His love and protectiveness were there but I loved how his respect for Star's strength and determination grew and changed as their relationship did. Of course, there are new secondary characters that are screaming for their own story and who am I to tell them 'no'? My next story in this series will be about Jo, Star's sister. I look forward to more discovers in this fascinating but dangerous world.

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Author to Author

An Interview with D'Elen McClain


1. What motivated you to write the stories that you do?

For most of my life I’ve been a mystery and action adventure reader with a strong love for romantic suspense. During my mid-life crisis I decided to go after a dream I had in my youth and became a police officer at the age of 45. Now I’m a sex crimes/homicide detective and read primarily NON-mystery. Paranormal takes me far away from my oft-times difficult and emotional career. I read and write paranormal romance because I need the happily ever after in my downtime. Just as a side note, I’m staying away from reading or writing zombies because I have top secret information that the zombie apocalypse is around the corner.

2. What are some of the biggest challenges that you have faced as a writer?

Finding balance in my life is my biggest obstacle. I love both my careers but between working a standard 50-hour crime fighting workweek, book deadlines, marriage, grandchildren, and my love of the outdoors, I keep wondering what needs to go. So far I’ve managed to juggle everything with the help of my teenage sweetheart turned husband 34 years ago. Behind this strong woman is an incredible man. I’m asking him for one more year of burning the candle at both ends and he’s rolling his eyes.

3. If you could choose one character that you would like to be (either that you have written or read about) who would it be and why?

Thank you for asking this because I didn’t even need two seconds to decide. I grew up imagining I WAS Pippi Longstocking. Her character fascinated me; physically strong, loved animals, challenged authority (only the bad kind), and kicked ass along the way. If I couldn’t be Amelia Earhart, then I had to be Pippi. I’ve always wanted red hair but like superhuman strength, it doesn’t work for me. I will continue to dream about being both of them.

4. Tell us a bit about your Fang Chronicles.

Fang Chronicles developed during many sleepless nights. I love the idea of vampires and werewolves working together and needing each other to survive. I’ve used my knowledge of real-life criminal behavior to add a touch of realism but the soul of my books is romance.

Book One: Amy’s Story is about a woman who gives up her personal dreams to fight beside Marcus, a vampire, and the man she loves.

Book two: Emily’s Story pairs a woman tortured by her insane mother and hidden in the basement as a child, with Brandt, an alpha werewolf mentally destroyed by unrequited love. They find salvation in each other and take us further into the war between malevolent cat shifters and the wolf clans.

Book Three: Zenya’s Story is my island of misfit weres. Werewolf alpha Nicolas falls into the hands of his enemies after they massacre his entire clan. Zenya, an enemy cat, rescues him and brings a rag tag assortment of abused female weres looking for a leader strong enough to keep them alive.

I’m currently writing Book Four: Mandy’s Story due out this fall and working on my next Bad Luck book, written as Suzie Ivy about a true-life murder with a humorous twist (I swear). I blog about all things fang at http://fangchronicles.wordpress.com and all things police at http://badluckdetective.com

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What's to Come

I can't wait for some of my upcoming Author Interviews. I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am. As always, I will continue to keep you posted on upcoming books, share little stories, and give updates on releases. You can always check out my web site as well for additional information at http://sesmithfl.com/

I have some new things headed your way. I'll let you know as I get a better grip on everything but I can tell you I am excited!


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Read and Recommend

 Hearts of Ishira by Bethany Aan


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