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Reminder - 1099 Forms 

This year 1099-misc forms are due to your recipients by February 2nd and need to be filed with the IRS by March 2nd. 

Hilltop Secretarial has been providing this service to clients for nearly our full 18 1/2 years in business and would be happy to take care of yours as well. Give us a call or email us right away for more information. 

Staying Productive with a Chronic Illness


During the last year and a half I've been battleing two different chronic illnesses. One which is painful and migraine with aura and Meniere's Disease symptoms. Those who know are well aware of my struggles to stay active and productive while being ill. I'm not better yet, but I am learning how to manage.  Here are some tips I've learned:

Keep Your Mind Active
Even when I feel my worst, I find it is helpful to keep my mind active. If I'm not up to being physically active I will research my hobbies for new information, or research new herbal remedies (and no, I haven't found one to help me yet but I'm researching that too!), or study techniques for photography.  
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New @ Hilltop Herbals

We're working on several new products at Hilltop Herbals: Cosmetics, lotions, and tinctures so far. Stay tuned for announcements!

New @ Hilltop Photography

This year Throw Pillows became available for my photography. I use the services of Fine Art America to handle my order fulfillment and printing and now they are offering Throw Pillows - and they are gorgeous! Head on over and check them out!

Self Survival of the Fittest

So I am sitting here, with my wife, watching the Baltimore Ravens trying to have their way with the New England Patriots. I look around and think how blessed I am to be able to do this in my own (and the bank's) warm home. I've been in Pennsylvania for four years now and have only witnessed two winter-weather incidents that could have robbed us of this pleasure.

Maybe it is in the nature of those of us in emergency management to think "worst case scenario". We are educated and most of us have had some real-world experience with what has happened to others. We have trained and responded to folks living through the worst day(s) of their lives. Most of us have seen where an ounce of prevention.....
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