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 May 2013

Letter to the African Americans

This letter is addressed to our sisters and brothers, the African Americans while African leaders are commemorating the 50th anniversary of the African Union.

I have been in US since 1989 calling for you and others who are related to Nubia and Kush racially, culturally, socially or any other bonds of relationship to extend a helping hand to Nubia to survive and resist all sorts of extinctions, annihilation, cultural cleansing, acculturation and all other means of marginalization and eradication. The response was either little or negative if I may say, not because of negligence but mainly due to the lack of resources of outreaching and educating the people and spreading the word among them.

The home work has become bigger than to be shouldered by a few volunteers to advocate for such a very big task. The issue is about annihilation of the Nubian nation, culture, damming their land, destroying one of the oldest antiquities and archaeological sites in the history and wiping it forever from the face of the earth, while the majority of Africans and African descents  are witnessing all these happening in front of their eyes!

Your history, your identity, and your glories of the past, are vanishing while you are watching. It is one of the real tragedies of the current history.

Dear sisters and brothers;

It is time to wake up and do something to save Nubia from being wiped out. Write to your congress members and tell the Black Congressional Caucus, the academicians, the young university and high school students, the celebrities and all members of your communities to do their home work before it is too late and before your history and identity is gone forever.


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Letter to the African Leaders on the AU 50th Anniversary

  Nubia Project – المشروع النوبى                           Date: May 25, 2013

Honorable, Presidents and Heads of States of African Union,

While you are celebrating the 50th anniversary of this continental institution and remembering the “Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance”, the dream of the founding fathers of this great continent for a united, prosperous and peaceful Africa, allow us on behalf of Nubia Project and other sister Nubian organizations to humbly bring to your kind attention the problems facing Nubia, the cradle of Kush civilization, where you all proudly relate to.

It is sad that the land of Kush and Nubia in Sudan is threatened by dams, Arabization, displacement and marginalization of the indigenous Nubian people. The government of Sudan is now selling the lands of the indigenous people of Sudan to Egypt, China, Turkey, Iran and the wealthy Arab nations of Saudi Arabia and Qatar who are buying Nubian lands and financing the projected dams which will submerge the whole land of Kush and destroy its archaeological sites for ever.

The Nubian peaceful opposition to dams was faced by force from the government security forces in July 2007 at Kajbar dam site and many young Nubians were killed and injured. Many Nubian civil society organizations stood against dams but the government made it clear that it will build dams against their will. Kush Liberation Movement (KLM) called for resorting to armed struggle to stop damming Nubia and many young Nubians in Sudan and Egypt began to call for armed struggle to protect Nubia.

Egypt, after relocating its Nubian population in the desert far from the Nile is enthusiastically helping the Sudan government to build dams to destroy what is remaining from Nubia in Sudan and make the Nubian land as a free storage for its waters, while paradoxically opposing fiercely the Ethiopian dams! Why does Egypt support building dams in Nubia where millions of cubic meters of water will be lost through evaporation, while opposing Ethiopian dams where loss by evaporation is minimal? Egypt is planning to resettle millions of its population in the Nubian land according to the Four Freedoms agreement signed with Sudan in April 2004. The government of Sudan is selling the lands of the indigenous people of Sudan along the Nile and inviting the Arab League members to invest in Sudan and make it as a bread basket and food security for the Arab world while Africa is hit by draught and famines!  And the racist Sudanese officials like the Minister of Defense are inviting Egyptians to settle in Sudan by millions for cross breeding and to balance the Africans coming from West Africa to Sudan! This is why we are approaching your Excelencies to help protect this African wealth from being destroyed by dams, relocation, displacement, and looting and smuggling its antiquities by Egypt and Qatar who are excavating the archaeological sites in Nubia.

While African nations are giving a blind eye to what is happening to their history and culture, the Islamist governments of Sudan and Egypt are working hard to build dams to wipe out Nubia from the map of the earth and destroy the Kushite archaeological sites by dams, Arabizing and marginalizing Nubians so that they can build their Arab-Islamic Nile Valley State and their grand strategy to build a formidable Caliphate empire or an African Andalusia from the Mediterranean to the Lakes.

 It is an African obligation to protect our continent’s treasures and save Nubia and Kush from being hijacked by the fanatic Islamists and radical Arabs. Enemies of Africa say that they want to develop Nubia by building dams to generate electricity while destroying the archaeological treasures. There are alternatives for the hydroelectricity generated from those dams. Never allow your enemies destroy your history and identity under any pretext. The fanatic Islamists and radical Arabs of Sudan and Egypt backed up by the wealthy Arab nations consider the Kushite Nubian monuments as symbols of paganism, anti-Islamic and anti-Arab culture.

Sudan, once described by the founding fathers of Africa and academicians like the great historian Cheik Anta Diop, as the melting pot or the salad bowel of Africa, has become a tail for the Arab nations, staggering and falling apart instead of becoming a leading African nation, and furthermore, became a terrorist sponsoring state with an indicted president by the International Criminal Court (ICC)!

We call upon the AU respected leaders on this auspicious gathering  to pay enough attention to the conspiracy against the African history, culture and identity and never allow damming Nubia and destroying the Kushite Nubian artifacts and monuments  and use their good offices to turn this anniversary to a spring board for a brighter future for Africa by solving the ongoing problems of genocide, injustice, damming, relocation, displacement and find quick solutions for Sudan’s conflicts in Nuba Mountain, Blue Nile, Darfur and other parts of Sudan.             .

Let our celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the continental institution a real event to preserve our glorious history and identity as our founder fathers dreamed and never celebrate on the ashes of our  plundered history. Let us stand up for our rights and fight to “realize the dream of the founding fathers for a peaceful, prosperous, and united Africa”. 

Long live the African unity.
Long live the African Kushite nations.

The Struggle continues.


Nuraddin Abdulmannan

President, Nubia Project

Washington, DC


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