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April 2013 issue - Nubia Project Newsletter
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  1. Letter from the editor
  2. Egyptian delegation visits Sudan
  3. Obama Administration invites the war criminal Nafie to visit US
  4. The 13th International Conference on Nubian Studies

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Obama Administration invites  the war criminal, Nafie to visit US!

Last month news carried out a shocking piece of news that Obama Administration has extended an official invitation to the Sudanese Presidential Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie to visit US for a "candid discussion"! as the State Department spokeswoman Hilary Renner stated that the Sudanese presidential adviser Nafie Ali Nafie and other officials have accepted an invitation to Washington for a "candid discussion on the conflicts and humanitarian crises within Sudan.". Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie who has been classified by the International Criminal Court Rapporteur as one of the 52 war criminals including president Omer Elbashir who has been officially indicted by the ICC is visiting US by an official invitation from President Obama who will betray the Darfurians and the Sudanese people by shaking hands with one of Sudan's brute war criminals. There are many victims of Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie who will file suits against him in US courts to arrest him as a torturer who personally committed torture against them. It is unfortunate that that President Obama who stated officially his denunciation to the genocide in Darfur to extend such an invitation to one of the Darfur genocide perpetrators!!
Many American organizations, including Act for Sudan  , Enough Project  and United to End Genocide are working together to stop this disastrous visit to US.

Please join the ongoing campaigns and say NO to the visit of  Nafie Ali Nafie, the criminal of war and the notorious killer and the architect of the ill-famed and dreadful ghost houses of  torture in Sudan. Send letters of protest to your Congress representatives to tell Obama Administration: Don't betray the Sudanese people and allow the war criminals as Nafie Ali Nafie to visit US.

From the Nubian archives:

Nubians protest damming Nubia in front of UN

Joe Madison, the Black Eagle, in support of Nubians against dams and cultural cleansing

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Letter from the Editor:

The recent attack from the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) on Um Rawaba, one of the major cities of Kordofan State revealed that Sudan is not a stable state. At the same time the people of Um Dom, a suburb of Khartoum clashed this week with the security forces and one young boy was shot and killed. The riot began after the people of Um Dom discovered that the government sold their lands without their knowledge or consent to some foreign investors that angered the people of Um Dom and took them to the streets, The problem is brewing.
Meanwhile, the news came out from Washington, DC that the Obama Administration has extended an invitation to a high delegation headed by the Sudanese Presidential Adviser, Nafie Ali Nafie to visit US for a "constructive" engagement as mentioned by a spokeswoman from the Department of State. It is advisable that Obama Administration continues its pressures on the Sudanese government and fulfills its obligations towards the suffering people of Darfur, Nuba Mountain and the Blue Nile rather than leaving them prey to the genocidal government of Sudan and its indicted president Elbashir who will get emboldened by such a break through to commit more genocide. Mr. Obama, the first African American President of the United States will stain his image in Africa if he lets a war criminal go free, betraying the Africans.

Egyptian delegation visits Sudan to inspect the 30,000-acre area offered by Sudanese Government for cultivation of maize
Sudanese online
Cairo-A high-level Egyptian delegation of experts from the Ministry of Agriculture will head to Sudan to inspect the 30,000-acre area was offered by Sudanese Government for cultivation of maize in coordination with the Egyptian General Union of poultry producers.  The delegation will identify the necessary technical support and technical expertise to contribute to the success of the project.

Egypt’s Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Dr. Salah Abdul Momin, announced cultivating of this area during the current planting season, revealing that an Egyptian company specializes in the management of agricultural projects will implement the project.
Abdul Momin pointed out that his government aims to implement Egyptian-Sudanese research models in Sudan benefiting the Sudanese side and Egyptian private sector to activate the Egyptian-Sudanese cooperation and meet the needs of the poultry industry in the interest of the two countries.
Comment from the editor:

Government of Sudan is generous to Egypt which occupies militarily the Sudanese Halaib Triangle and a part of Nubian land at Faras Triangle, while confiscating Nubian lands and selling them to wealthy Arabs and Muslims from Arabia, Turkey, Iran etc. This is an early signal of implementing the Islamists dream of the Nile Valley Islamic State, a part of the grand strategy of the International Muslim Brotherhood.

The 13th International Nubian Studies Conference in Switzerland on 9/9/2013


The "Preliminary Program" should include the impact of dams on Nubian antiquities and ways to salvage them. The proposed session for September 5th dedicated for: " Medieval and Islamic periods" should include the current situation in the Nubian lands which affects negatively the protection and preservation of Nubian antiquities from threats, such as damming Nubia, smuggling and looting Nubian artifacts and the uncontrolled gold seekers activities and their vandalism and destruction to the Nubian archaeological sites
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