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June 2013 issue
Issued by Nubia Project
Editor: Nuraddin Abdulmannan
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June 2013 issue
Issued by Nubia Project
Editor: Nuraddin Abdulmannan
Tel: (202)718-6687
Fax: (202)644-5223

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In This Issue:
  •  Kajbar Massacre, the 6th anniversary
  • "Kharab" Soba.
  • When Kushite Nubians Rescued Jerusalem
  • Kush Liberation Movement Appeals to the World to save Nubia from Damming.

Kush Liberation Movement (KLM) appeals to the World to stop damming Nubia

Kush Liberation Movement (KLM) has declared its unequivocal stance to stop damming Nubia by using armed struggle as the Islamist military government of Sudan does not believe in peaceful solutions and does not respect the historical rights of the people.

KLM calls for nullification of the Four Freedoms Agreements which allows resettlement of millions of Egyptian labors in the the Nubian Triangle to change the demographic structure of the Nubian population.

KLM calls upon the African Union nations, the African Americans, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the international community to stop damming Nubia and destroying Nubian monuments. The ultimate goal of Egypt is to Arabize Sudan, control the Nile Valley and build an Islamo- Arab Empire on the Nile Valley from Alexandria to the Lakes with the support of the wealthy petrodollar Arab countries. 

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Nubian Schools in pictures!

School in Nubia - Northern State

School without chairs! in Nubia

School in Nubian Midob- N, Darfur

School in Nubian Midob - N. Darfur

Do African Americans Care About Nubia??

We want to hear from our sisters and brothers, the African Americans. Nubia, the cradle of African civilization is threatened by dams. Nubian pyramids, temples, statues, monuments and artifacts will disappear under the waters of dams in few years. If you do not care about your glorious history then who will care!!!!!
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From the Editor:

Kajbar Massacre, the 6th Anniversary

While peacefully protesting against building a dam at Kajbar in Nubia, 6 young Nubians were shot down and scores were injured by the security agents of the Islamist government of Sudan. Nobody was held accountable and the culprits went free with impunity.

Martyrs of Kajbar Massacre

Abdelmoiz Mohamed Abdelrahim (far left), Sheikheldin Hag Ahmed (2nd left),Mphamed Fageer (2nd right) and Elsadig Salim (far right)

While campaigning against the destructive dams in Nubia we should not forget our martyrs who fell while peacefully resisting dams in Nubia. Their case remained closed over the last six years and the culprits are free and enjoying the protection of the government. This case will never die and the culprits will be brought to justice one day.

Nubians should try all possible means to resist dams and never allow the government to destroy our land by dams and sell the remaining to the foreign investors, especially the Egyptians, the Persian Gulf states, Turkey, China, Iran etc.

The government of Sudan has decided to proceed with building dams in Kajbar, Dal, El-Sheraik and the Sudan National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums (NCAM) has officially requested the International Society for Nubian Studies (ISNS) and UNESCO to help in salvaging the Nubian artifacts before damming Nubia. A copy of NCAM letter below is attached to this bulletin.

Nubia Project appeals to all friends of Nubia and the international community and the civilized world to step in urgently and extend a helping hand to stop these dams before Nubia is completely destroyed. We need your help to our campaigns to stop damming Nubia, killing of civilians in Darfur, Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile, Port Sudan, Emry and Kajbar.

More links about Kajbar massacre at:

When Kushite Nubians Rescued Jerusalem

It was in 701 BC when an alliance between the Africans (Kushite Nubians) and the Hebrews rescued Jerusalem from annihilation by the Assyrians.  The Kushite army was headed by the renowned Kushite Nubian Prince Taharqo and was able to repulse the Assyrian formidable army led by Emperor Asar Hadon three time before being defeated and forced to withdraw to Egypt which was under the Kushites rule at that time.

Now, after 2700 years from that great battle to rescue Jerusalem, Nubia is under attack by the Arabs and Islamists who are working vigorously to wipe out Nubia from the map systematic Arabization, marginalization and by building series of dams which has no any economic or social feasibility. The proposed dams and those underway in Kajbar, Dal, Al-Sheraik and Merowe, that latter has been built few years ago with a huge and irreparable damages to archaeological sites. The government of Sudan is building those dams without the consent of the local population, and knows that it will loose millions of cubic meters of water through evaporation which will be deducted from Sudan's meager quota and the rest will go to Egypt from all these dams. Sudan will benefit little from these dams in generating hydroelectricity which will be more expensive than the electricity imported from Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam. The alternative from solar energy is also much cheaper and environmental friendly in an area known by its direct sun rays throughout the year.

Nubians need an urgent international help to stop this catastrophe before it is too late. It is unfair to ignore Nubia's contribution to woman/mankind history. This puts a moral obligation on all:

  1. The UNESCO which led the first international campaign to salvage Nubian antiquities must initiate a second international campaign, much bigger than the first one to stop the construction of these destructive dams, at least till all Nubian lands are thoroughly excavated and all archaeological sites are rescued.
  2. The Africans, the African Americans have a bigger responsibility in protecting their history and identity. It is shameful and outrageous seeing their artifacts and monuments being destroyed and they keep silent and helpless.
  3. The Jewish Community all over the world, State of Israel and the Christian world must remember who rescued Jerusalem from Assyrian annihilation in 701 BC and reciprocate that favor.

Please read the interesting book:
The Rescue of Jerusalem, The Alliance Between Hebrews and Africans By Henry Aubin.

The Rescue of Jerusalem: The Alliance Between Hebrews and African


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"Kharab" Soba!
Nubians deserve reparations for it

Many readers may not be familiar with the Sudanese popular proverb: " Kharab Soba" which means" the devastation of Soba", the capital of Aludia "Alwa" the last Nubian Christian Kingdom south of Khartoum in 1505 AD. Just 500 years ago, an alliance between the Arabs and the Funj tribe overran Soba and destroyed it, killed its men and enslaved women and children in one of the most brutal tragedies of Nubia. Nubians of the Alwa (Aludia) dispersed all over Sudan and Africa, like Midob, Birgid,and Ajang in Nubia Mountains, and some went southwards to Shiluk and Lou in south Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda and some went to far west of Africa to Ashanti in Ghana while some remained in the mainland of Kush along the Nile Valley where Their artifacts and historical monuments remained. Nubians need to reunite their ranks, rewrite their languages, history, folklore and rich culture.

Nubians who incurred devastation and destruction deserve reparation from the Arabs who demolished Soba and raised it to the ground, massacred its men and enslaved its women and children . If this genocide happened
in the recent times it would have been widely condemned and described as a horrendous genocide, Nubians should claim reparations from the Arabs who invaded Nubia and destroyed its land and claim protection to their historical sites by the international organizations such as UNESCO. Let alone returning all Nubian artifacts clustered in the Sudan National Museum to their original land in Nubia so that Nubia can benefit from tourism generated revenues.If all regions of Sudan are claiming for their share in power and wealth, then Nubians also deserve the revenues generated from their historical treasures.

We suggested to the members of the International Society of Nubian Studies (ISNS) in the 11th and 12th International conferences in Vienna and London to adopt our proposal of building "baby" museums in Nubia to host some of the Nubia artifacts and monuments and suggested that the international museums hosting Nubian artifacts to make an initiative towards building those "baby" museums in Nubia and make replicas of the Nubian artifacts scattered outside in most of the prestigious world museums and help in returning back the smuggled treasures to Nubia.

Who will take the first step?

Arson in Nubia continues
The mysterious arsons continue in Nubia where thousands of fruitful date palms are set on fire by unknown culprits. Who is behind these arsons? Nubia never had such arsons for hundreds of years! Is it a another plan to force Nubians to leave their ancestral lands before damming Nubia? Mr. Ali Karti, the Sudan's Foreign Minister described it as a  depopulated land "no man's land" and said that it should be filled by millions of Egyptian workers! Millions of Nubians have migrated to Khartoum and to Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf states seeking for work when they found themselves marginalized and impoverished in Nubia the land of "Nubu" gold as it was called through out its history!

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