February 2014 issue
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In This issue:
  • Urgent call to UNESCO: Underground water threatens Nubian antiquities and archaeological sites
  • Letter to ISNS members
  • What can UNESCO and the international organizations offer to salvage the Nubian antiquities? 
  • Save Nubian Language from Arabization and cultural cleansing
  • In rememberance of Nubian leader, late Kandaka, Suad Ibrahim Ahmed.

Letter to ISNS members:
Dear members of the International Society for Nubian Studies (ISNS);
This letter comes to you while you are preparing for the upcoming 13th Conference of the International Society for Nubian Studies (ISNS) to be held at the University of Neuchâtel, Monday 1st to Saturday 6th of September 2014.
We received alarming reports and news about the threat of underground water to the Nubian antiquities, especially those in Berkal, Merowe and Defufa of Kerma. More than 2000 houses in El-Borgaig area. south of Kerma has collapsed due to the effect of the underground water. The alluvial irrigation system and the effect of Merowe dam are the main suspect to this dangerous threat which will destroy the Nubian antiquities and the unexcavated archaeological sites.
We appeal to all archaeologists and academicians to urgently call upon UNESCO and other relevant international organizations to find a solution for this eminent threat and urge them to send investigation and fact finding teams to conduct studies and find solutions to this eminent disaster.

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Smugglers Failed to Smuggle this Kushite Ram!

This ram statue, weighing about 2 tons, was smuggled once but the smugglers abandoned it because it is too heavy and difficult to hide and too big to smuggle outside Sudan! Many small but invaluable artifacts were and still smuggled outside Sudan.

What Can UNESCO and the International Organizations Offer to Salvage The Nubian Antiquities?
UNESCO who led the largest international campaign of its kind to salvage the Nubian antiquities in the sixties of last century can do a lot to rescue the remaining Nubian artifacts and monuments. All international museums hosting Nubian artifacts can help in this campaign as a moral obligation towards Nubians who gave generously a part of its historical assets to the world.
Nubia does not deserve this silence from UNESCO and the international community. The loss of Nubian historical wealth is a great loss for the International heritage.
We appeal to the civilized world, to the international community, to the UN agencies to participate in this campaign.
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Save Nubian Language from Arabization and Cultural Cleansing
Very Urgent Petition to the Free World. Please click on the link below to sign on this petition:

 Artifacts looted and smuggled!

spacer (1K)These artifacts were discovered by gold miners among many other artifacts and looted by smugglers according to circulated news in the Face Book, Twitter and other social media outlets.
 The 13th International Conference On Nubian Studies
spacer (1K)For those who are interested in attending and participating in the 13th International Conference on Nubian Studies, University of Neuchâtel, Monday 1st to Saturday 6th of September 2014, Please find details at this link:
The 13th International Confernce on NUbian Studies

In remeberance of the great Nubian leader, Suad Ibrahim Ahmed

Nubians and the Sudanese community in Washington, DC area organized an event in rememberance of the great Nubian and Sudanese leader, late Kandaka Suad Ibrahim Ahmed, aka SIA, Mama Suad Asha and Mother Nubia by Nubians who loved her. An extra ordinary Nubian woman who dedicated her life for Nubia, She was born in 1935 to a famous Nubia family as her father, Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed was the the one who wrote the Sudan's independence memo and he was the first banker in Sudan after Independence. Suad passed away on December 29, 2013 and mourned by all Sudanese people. Nubians and the Sudanese are working to establish a Nubian Foundation dedicated for her name.


Underground Water Threatens Nubian Antiquities
and Archaeological Sites

Underground water destroys more than 2000 homes in Burgaig south of Kerma

spacer (1K)Defufa of Kerma, the oldest urban center in the world is threatened by underground
water. How can the world save this great historical monument from the effect of underground water?

Missing Nubian Artifact! Why?
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spacer (1K)Ogji-n-Ondi (The braveman) as Nubians name the huge statue of Pharaoh Ramsis 11
is abandoned in the wilderness for centuries and vandalized! Why?
Nubian Artifacts Stolen From the National Museum!
The above newspaper Al-Taghyeer (Change) issued in Khartoum - February 2014 says that artifacts valued 4 billion Sudanese pounds have been stolen from Sudan National Museum! Is there any way UNESCO or any other international organization can help in protecting and safeguarding the invaluable Kushite Nubian artifacts from being stolen and smuggled? Gold miners who are freely mining in Nubia are vandalizing and smuggling Nubian artifacts. We appeal to the world to stop this cultural genocide.

Mysterious arsons!
This is one of tens of mysterious arsons of Nubian date trees. It never happened in hundreds of years in Nubia. It is suspected that the supporters of the Islamist government in damming Nubia are behind these arsons to force the Nubians to leave their lands prior building dams in Kajbar, Dal and El-Sheraik which will inundate the whole historical Nubian land.

Sai Island Antiquities, neglected and vandalized!
Sai Island historical sites will be also affected by the increasing level of the underground water. They are neglected and vandalized.
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