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Taharqa Shawaptis
Taharqa Theater Project (TTP)


The idea of building a Nubian theater in the Nubian land to perform arts and folklore of Nubia and the indigenous people of Sudan has been initiated by Nubia Project, seconded and supported by the Higher Authority to Develop Nubia and Resist Dams (HADNRD) as one of the Nubian programs to break the longtime isolation imposed on Nubia since the advent of the Arabian and Islamic culture in Sudan and the increasing process of acculturation and Arabization which became a real threat and daunting challenge to the Nubian survival as one of the threatened indigenous people of the world.

It is our firm believe that the Nubian theater will play a major role in reinvigorating and revitalizing the Nubian language and culture and bring Nubia back to flourish. The Nubian language, the oldest written African language now has been abandoned for over 8 centuries but the Nubians were able to keep it alive and vibrant through their songs and stories despite of all hindrances and imposition rules to forbid Nubians from using it. It was only in 1979 when a Nubian archaeologist – linguist, Dr. Mukhtar Khalil Kabbara rewrote the Nubian language grammar book and the Nubians started learning and rewriting their language again.   

The second step to introduce the Nubian language again to the world is through writing Nubian stories, songs and play them from their theaters. The world will see Nubian arts and folkloric dances as well as Nubian arts and creativities.

The following is a brief idea about the theater project and we hope that the Nubians and their friends will work together to make this dream come true.      

Name of the Project: Taharqa Theater Project (TTP)

Location: Near Kidintakar, Kajbar, Nubia, Northern Province of Sudan where Nubians organized a peaceful protest against building a dam at the site of the proposed dam of Kajbar and several young Nubians got killed and injured by the security forces.

  • Attract the local, regional and international attention to Nubia by performing Nubian and African folklore, arts and invite international bands and troupes to perform their arts to strengthen bonds of friendship between nations and attract the attention of the world to the history, culture, heritage and glories of Nubia.
  • Exchange visits and cooperation between institutions, universities, theaters, artists and linguists.
  • Promote tourism.
  • Create twining between cities and village in Nubian and their counterparts abroad.
  • Make the proposed theater as a pilot project for Nubia and all Kushite indigenous and marginalized people of Sudan and Africa.
  • Nubia Project appeals to all interested organizations to help in building Taharqa Theater in Nubia to help attract the international tourism to Nubia. 
  • Nubia Project appeals to all International Museums, especially those hosting Nubian monuments and artifacts to  to help adopt generousely some museums in Nubia and help in training Nubians in running museums.
  • Nubia Project asks friendly universities to offer scholarships in Nubian language and training courses to young Nubians to to teach their language and to operate museums and theaters and other relevant functions such as in fields of hospitality, media, information and linguistics etc..
  • Nubia Project appeals to the International philanthropists, foundations and institutions such as UNESCO to help Nubia to preserve its historical treasures as an international heritage.

This project is sponsored byNubia Project – US and The Higher Authority to Develop Nubia and Resist Dams - Sudan 

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