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Make history.. and be a part of Nubia rescuers

Donate to build Taharqa Theater in Nubia

Beleive it or not! There is no single theater in Nubia land!!

Taharqa Theater Project

  • We need your help to save Nubia from destruction…
  • We need your help to stop damming Nubia…
  • You can help us stop Arabizing Nubia…
  • You can urge your Congress representative to petition to stop damming and Arabizing Nubia and destroying its monuments and artifacts and even ask them to visit Nubia to see the situation on the ground.
  • You can encourage media representatives to visit Nubia and expose the realities to the world..
  • You can help a Nubian delegation to come to US Congress to expose the annihilation of Nubia.
  • You can help finding a scholarship for a Nubian student in an American university to study about Nubia and help in promoting bonds of friendship between Americans and Nubians.

The destruction of Nubia started In 650 AD when Arab invaders signed in 650 AD the "Baqt" Treaty, the first written agreement between Muslims and Christians in the history of Islam and forced Nubians to pay tributes of 365 slaves yearly till they gradually converted into Islam and in 1505 AD the Arabs invaded and overran the last Nubian Christian Kingdom of Alwa (Aludia) seated at Soba, south of Khartoum and Nubia succumbed to Arabization and cultural cleansing ever since.

The British colonialism played the major role in dismantling Nubia by allowing a part of Nubia to be annexed by Egypt and the other part to be annexed to Sudan.

In 1902 Egypt built Aswan Dam which displaced most of the Egyptian Nubians from their homelands.

In 1962, another massive destruction of Nubia took place by building the High Dam of Egypt which submerged the total Egyptian Nubian territory and a great part of Sudanese Nubian territory. The High Dam of Egypt separated the Nubians of Egypt geographically from the Sudanese Nubians as they were relocated in an Arabized land in Kom Ombo while over 50,000 Sudanese Nubians were relocated in Eastern Sudan, near the Sudanese - Eritrean border. 

Sudanese Nubia (the remaining Nubian land) was isolated from Sudan and Egypt, intentionally marginalized and impoverished to force Nubians to leave their ancestral lands gradually in a grand strategy to create a "No man's land" in Nubia prior to resettlement of millions of Arabs in the Nubian land. Millions of Nubians were forced to migrate to other cities of Sudan and to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries as expatriates.

Egypt and Sudan signed the Four Freedoms Agreement in April 2004 to relocate millions of Egyptians in the Nubian Triangle Basin to change the demographic structure of Nubia.

The Sudanese government with the technical help of China and Arab financiers started a plan to build series of dams in Merowe (completed), Dal, Kajbar and El-Sheraik underway. All these dams will submerge the remaining Nubian lands with all its antiquities and unexcavated archaeological sites which will be lost forever.

The international community and the humanity in general will lose the richest archaeological sites in the world as stated by the British historian Bazil Davidson.

Nubia Project is a small nonprofit organization registered in Washington, DC (EIN#90-0426812) since August 2008 to advocate for an end to the ongoing destruction of Nubia in Sudan by dams, displacement, demographic restructuring, cultural cleansing and Arabization, as a part of a grand strategy for the International Muslim Brotherhood Movement and the radical Arabs to establish the Nile Valley Islamic Arab state and their dream of an African Andalusia from Alexandria to the Great Lakes. The current situation in the Middle East and North Africa prove what we have predicted before in our previous bulletins.

With your generous tax-deductible donations, Nubia Project will be able to spread the word and expedite its campaigns to stop these dangers which will affect the regional and international stability as it will help in saving Nubia from damming and destroying its treasures. You can help before it is too late by:

1.  Bringing a Nubian delegation to US to rally the support of the Americans and urge US Congress to help stop damming and Arabizing Nubia and destroying its monuments and archaeological assets.

2.  Financing an emergency tour for a Nubian delegation to visit UNESCO to urge them launch an urgent second international campaign to salvage Nubian historical sites in continuation to the first international campaign launched by UNESCO in 1964.

3.  Inviting Congressional delegations and staffers, US and international media to urgently visit Nubia and break the isolation conspiracy against Nubia and expose the realties to the world. Sudan government is imposing a hidden iron clad policy against Nubia. It doesn't allow foreign media to visit Nubia and it has precedents of deporting a TV team from BBC and Ms. Hiba Ali, the correspondent of the Christian Science Monitor Newspaper and Ms. Sima Samar, the UN Human Rights representative from visiting Nubia to see the Kajbar Dam massacre sight in Nubia in 2007.

4.  Helping a Nubian language class in Sudan, and in US as the first of its kind in North America by launching it in Washington, DC area for the expanding Nubian community and the interested American students. The Nubian language, the oldest written African language is not among African languages taught in many American universities, such as Amharic, Kiswahili, Hausa, Yoruba, and Afrikaans etc.

Supporters like you can make a difference and help preserving this international heritage from being destroyed under your watch at a time when rare species of animals, birds and plants, threatened by extinction are enjoying protection and attention from the civilized world.

You can join our campaign and influence the Obama administration, the US Congress, the Congressional Black Caucus and US media and the international community as well to expose what is going on in Nubia now to the world and to extend a helping hand by your generous tax- deductible donation to Nubia Project Account at:  

Nubia, which is considered as one of the most peaceful and safest societies of the world according to UNESCO records and the academicians who visited the area, and where the first queens (Kandakas) of the Nile Valley ruled and led armies feared by Alexander the Great are now flogged and lashed in public by fanatic Islamists and radical Arabs.

We are writing to you because we know you share the Nubian belief that an oasis of peace and democracy like Nubia in a troubled area cannot stay safe without help from the free world and from supporters like you.

We ask you to make a tax-deductible donation or send a check payable to:

Nubia Project

151 Danbury Street, SW Washington, DC 20032
or donate by Visa/MasterCard or PayPal to Nubia Project account please go to:

To our Generous Donors:
We need your generous tax-exempt donation. Nubia Project is now short of $2600.00 (Twenty six hundred US dollars) to pay for its dues and to apply for 501(C) 3 Tax exemption identification and to renew the software of our domains and websites: 
Nubia Project will connect you with the Nubian committee taking care of this project in Sudan to make sure that you contributed to building Taharqa Theater project.

ساهموا فى تشييد مسرح ترهاقا فى النوبة
سيربطكم المشروع النوبى بالمنظمة النوبية التى تشرف على إنشاء مسرح ترهاقا لتتأكدوا من أنكم ساهمتم فى بناء مسرح ترهاقا بتبرعاتكم السخية

For our contacts with UNESCO please see the attachments.

Our next project will be about creating twinship between Nubian cities and American or European cities.

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The three Nubian Christian kingdoms of Nobatia, Makuria and Alodia
The last Nubian Christian Kingdom of Alwa (Alodia) south of Khartoum was overran and devastated in 1505 AD by an alliance of Arabs and the Muslim Funj of Sinnar. Arabization and cultural cleansing continued in Sudan ever since and all indigenous African cultures became threatened by extinction. 

You can help in bringing Nubia back by donating to Nubia Project:

The Gold Rush

A Plan to loot and smuggle the Nubian Artifacts:

In our previous issues of Nubia Bulletin we brought different news about Nubia ranging from mysterious arsons on the fruitful date palms of Nubia, damming Nubia, confiscation and selling Nubian lands resettlements of foreigners under the Four Freedoms Agreement between Egypt and Sudan in 2004.

Now, the gold rush to the Nubian land (The land of gold) and how individuals and how the greedy gold mining companies loot and destroy the archaeological treasures of Nubia. Expeditions from countries like the State of Qatar are now excavating the archaeological sites and trying to buy Nubian artifacts to build their own museums!

Gold miners and seekers are rushing to Nubia from all over Sudan and neighboring countries and they started making camps heavily guarded by machine guns to protect their occupied lands and threatening Nubians from approaching these mining areas. This influx in to the Nubian land might instigate violence in the peaceful Nubian land and force Nubians to resort to arms or forced to leave their lands to the foreigners who are mainly from Arabized tribes from neighboring countries. There are signs of resettlement in the Nubian land to change the demographic structure and Arabize the Nubian lands.

Learn Nubian Language in US
with your support and help we can start a class to teach Nubian language for those who are interested in Nubian language and culture. Nubian language is not taught in Egypt and Sudan. Nubians were able to preserve the oldest written African language from extintion over centuries and now they started writing it again. Those who learn Arabic language to know about Nubia are hurting Nubia by unknowingly Arabizing Nubians. Never fall again in to that trick which helps the startegy of Arabizing Nubians. If you care about Nubia, study about Nubia, its history and culture by learning Nubian language and never forget that knowing Nubian language is a key to Know Egypt and Sudan. Egypt used the Nubian language as a military code language during the Arab-Israeli war of 1973.
Your tax-deductible donation will bring Nubia to life and help in the survival of Nubia. Be one of the rescuers of Nubia.

We Can Help You
If you have any question about Nubia or want to learn Nubian language or visit Nubia, please call us so that we can help you and connect you with professional and trustworthy Nubians who can help you tour Nubia before it is submerged by dams.

Nubian traditional home

All Nubian Entities Alliance Coference - Farraig Al-Mahas
October 8, 2014
The Nubian organizations held their first All Nubian Entities Alliance Conference and they successfully adopted the charter for the alliance and elected its first Executive Committee representing all Nubian regions. Congratulation for this great job and best wishes for Nubia. Details will be desipated later on in our coming bulletins.
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