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June 2015 
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Kandaka Sandra Kududa, the active member of the Youth against Kajbar and Dal dams and a women rights activist has been forced by the Sudanese Scurity forces to sign on a false statement under threat saying that she was not abducted by the security forces. Your support to Doctor Sandra Kududa will help her to recover from her ordeal as she is contineousely subjected to harassment and intimidation by the security agents. Details will follow.
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Cultyral Property Under Attack
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From: Antiquities Coalition:
Please find below more details about this important gathering to protect the world heritage from destruction.
2015 Cairo Conference

 ISIS’ deliberate and targeted destruction of cultural heritage in Iraq and Syria has shocked the world and demanded a response. In recent months, we have lost entire chapters of our shared history, and some of the most iconic masterpieces and sites the world has ever known. And this wanton devastation threatens us all: at this moment, ISIS, the Al Nusrah Front, and other Al Qaeda affiliates are arming their campaign of terror through the black market sale of relics pillaged from the Cradle of Civilization.

While we cannot stop the sledgehammers, we can stop ISIS and other terrorists from profiting from this stolen treasure. The Antiquities Coalition has formed a powerful alliance — with the Arab Republic of Egypt, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the Middle East Institute — to shut down ISIS funding from cultural racketeering. We launched this initiative with an emergency conference in Cairo from 13–14 May 2015.

The 2015 Cairo Conference: Cultural Property Under Threat brought together Ministers of Antiquities, Culture, Tourism, and Foreign Affairs for ten key governments in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as Irina Bokova, Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and Nabil al-Araby, Secretary General of the Arab League. Leading international experts — including archaeologists, business leaders, former military officials, lawyers, and experts in counterterrorism, law enforcement, and security — also came from around the world to participate. This audience of decision-makers and specialists presented an unprecedented opportunity to develop regional solutions against cultural cleansing and racketeering, in keeping with the Antiquities Coalition’s mission of safeguarding our shared cultural heritage.

At the end of the conference, the ten participating countries issued the historic Cairo Declaration, denouncing the “blood antiquities” trade and announcing a regional “action plan” to stop terrorist financing through cultural racketeering.  Work is already underway to fulfill the declaration’s goals. Please stay tuned for more information.

Read the Cairo Declaration Here 

Read the Press Release Here

Nubia is a sacred land
Kajbar Martyrs 8th Anniversary Comemoration on June 13, 2015

Abdelmoez Mohamed Abdelrahim               Shaikheldin Haj Ahmed                        Mohamed Fageer Diab                     Elsadig Salem Mohamed

Nubians in Sudan, Egypt and around the world are gathering to commemorate the 8th anniversary of the martyrdom of 4 young Nubians who were shot down by the security forces of the Sudanese military regime on June 13, 2007 while they were participating in a peaceful demonstration against building a dam in Kajbar at the third cataract on the River Nile.

The Nubian Community members and the Sudanese American organizations in Washington, DC area are organizing the annual gathering to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the Martyrs of Kajbar, which will be held on 13th of June, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Mason Governmental Center at: 6507 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003.

The government of Sudan is planning to construct more dams on the Nile at Dal and Elsheraik which will inundate the remaining of Nubia and destroy its antiquities and archaeological sites. The archaeologists, historians and academicians are highly requested to help in alerting the international community to the dangers of destroying these invaluable treasures which is a part of the World's heritage.

Nubians, while paying homage to their martyrs will resist building these destructive dams and meanwhile they appeal to the world to exert possible pressures on Sudan government to stop damming Nubia and instead help in preserving this wealth for the coming generations.

If the Nubian artifacts stockpiled in the Sudan National Museum at Khartoum are repatriated to their original sites in Nubia and supported with replicas for thousands of Nubian artifacts around the world museums and kept in well secured museums, they will attract the international tourism to Sudan and bring revenues in millions of dollars. We call upon all international museums hosting Nubian artifacts to help in building baby museums in Nubia and help maintain them. The Nubians are worried about the US $135 million financed Sudanese - Qatari Project to preserve the Nubian Archaeological sites. UNESCO is asked to monitor this deal and Nubians must be a part of monitoring this project and its feasibility.

Link to Nubia Bulletin - June 2014 commemoration of the 7th anniversary of Kajbar martyrs:

The grave of Nubian martyrs of Kajbar, Mohammed Fageer Diab and Elsadig Salem Mohamed.

The grave site of Kajbar martyrs, Abdelmoez Mohamed Abdelrahim, Shaikheldin Hag Ahmed
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The Taharqa Theater Campaign Continues  
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The newly formed Nubian organization " The Nubian Collective Entity" or NCE which has been formed recently in Sudan is eager to adopt the idea of building the Taharqa Theater either at Kerma or Kidintakkar where four young Nubians were killed by the security forces while peacefully protesting against building a dam at Kajbar on the 3rd cataract of the Nile valley in the heartland of Nubia.

This issue will be raised during the meeting of the Nubians on June 13, 2015 to commemorate the 8th anniversary of Kajbar Dam martyrs which will take place in Mashakaila, Northern State and abroad in USA and UK.

Gold miners and poisoning of Nubia

President Omar Hassan al-Bashir mentioned in his swearing-in ceremony at green square in Khartoum, on June 2, 2015 allowing him to rule Sudan for another 5 years term to complete 30 years of his dictatorial rule that Sudan will witness a big economic stride from the expected revenues of gold which he estimated to be US $300 Billion worth!

Following the succession of South Sudan in 2011, the government of Sudan opened the chance for individual and companies to excavate for gold and Thousands of adventurers rushed to the northern province with their gold detectors and started using very hazardous chemical materials to extract gold. Poisonous chemicals such as mercury and potassium cyanide are widely used causing alarming deaths among animals, birds and fish in Lake Nubia.

We warned about the dangers of these poisonous chemicals which are prohibited internationally as hazardous chemicals but the government of Sudan paid no attention to our calls. There are reports that the authorities have arrested a group of people burying asbestos material near Damer in the Northern State but no details were given.

An Egyptian journalist commented in an article issued last month quoting a Sudanese Nubian journalist warning the Egyptians from the impact of mercury and potassium cyanide on the waters of the High Dam and the Egyptians.

Haggag Oddoul.. the Nubian writer and idol issues his latest book 

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                                       Haggag Oddoul visiting the editor in Cairo

Haggag Oddoul, the renowned Egyptian Nubian was the first Nubian to launch the Egyptian Nubian issue from Washington. DC in the year 2005 during the second Coptic International Conference on the issues of the minorities in the Arab world. His message resonated in different circles and the Nubian issue started attracting the attention of the world. Coupled with the issue of damming Nubia in Sudan and the possibilities of destroying the remaining Nubian antiquities, Nubian activists in Sudan and Egypt started organizing themselves. In Egypt, Nubians are struggling to return them back to the banks of Lake Nassir (Lake Nubia in Sudan) near their ancestral inundated lands while the Sudanese Nubians are resisting damming of Nubia by building dams in Dal, Kajbar and Elsheraik. The government of Sudan was able to complete building Merowe Dam in 2009.

I had the privilege of joining Mr. Oddoul in the International Coptic Conference for the Minorities in the Arab world and I introduced the Sudanese Nubian issues of damming and destroying Nubia.

Mr. Oddoul has authored many books and dedicated some of his books to the Nubian issues. He believes that Nubia is the key for Egypt to Africa and the vital water resources for Egypt.

Nubia Project would like to propose organizing an event to recognize and celebrate the great works of Mr. Oddoul either in Egypt or abroad. Organizing the proposed event in US Library of Congress would attract the attention of the media to the Nubian dilemma. Haggag Oddoul has released his latest book titled "Al- Kadeesa" the Cat in Arabic.

Hadeel Ibrahim Assigned to a Leading United Nation Mission on Human Rights

Elating news.

What makes Nubians in Sudan and Egypt proud is that a new Nubian Kandaka is advancing to the helm of the world. The UN Secretary General's assignment for Ms. Hadeel Ibrahim to the High-level Panel on humanitarian financing challenges is a great honor for the Nubians who are facing marginalization, cultural cleansing, and displacement by dams.

Nubians hope that their basic human rights get more attention from the civilized world. The international community has started recognizing the great humanitarian task shouldered by Mo Ibrahim Foundation to bring about hope to Africa through promoting "Good Governance" as the only way for Africa to advance and survive.

CONGRATULATIONS to the daughter of Nubia, Kandaka Hadeel Ibrahim.

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