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spacer (1K) Nubia Bulletin                                                                                               
September 2015
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Translation of the above announcement


"Dongola University in coordination with Africa University (Yousif Elkhalifa Center for Writing Languages in Arabic Alphabets)

The Training Course to Write Nubian Language in Digitizd Arabic Alphabets

Dongola University in coordination with Africa International University (Yousif Elkhalifa Center for Writing Languages in Arabic Alphabets) organized a training course for writing Nubian language with digitalized Arabic alphabets from the period 27 July – September 19, 2015.

Targeted by this session are:

Members of the teaching staff of Dongola University, media members and teachers of the Primary schools of the Northern State.

Participants in the training session: 32 trainees. Accompanying programs: 3 public lectures.

Closing date: Thursday September 10, 2015, Education College, Dongola University. There is an art exhibition reflecting Nubian traditions and the creativities of the participants in the training course during the session.

Under the auspices of Engineer Ali Alawad, Governor of Northern State and Professor Saad Eldin Ibrahim Mohamed Izeldin, Director of Dongola University." Unquote:

Our comment:

Africa International University in Khartoum, Sudan is the main concubine of the International Muslim Brotherhood Organization and the Salafi movements who raised the fanatic and radical Islamic movements and jihadists in the area such as the Eritrean Jihad, the Shabab movement in Somalia, Boko Haram and many movements in North Africa. Now they are working with Dongola University to control Nubia and Beja, the remaining non-Arab pockets in Northern Sudan between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Arabized Sudan.

Arabization of Nubia continues.. can you help???

Sign to Save Nubian Language From Arabization

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The hidden war against Nubia surfaces. The widely circulated Al-Intibaha newspaper carried a lengthy report from lake Nubia saying that some foreigners have contaminated lake Nubia causing the death of huge quantities of fish and birds in Lake Nubia.

The report says that the Ministry of Mineral Resources has expressed its concerns about the uncontrolled usage of poisonous materials such as potassium cyanide and mercury buy gold miners in the area but they didn’t make actions to control the gold mining process by individual gold seekers and the growing numbers of companies from Russia, China, Turkey, Qatar, Nigeria etc. The Sudanese government has no control on safety regulations to stop the spill of the hazardous materials to Lake Nubia and to underground water.


The conspiracy against Nubia and Nubians continues. Who can help Nubia? We from Nubia Bulletin call upon international community, UN agencies, UNEP, WHO, UNICEF and all other concerned organizations to rush to Lake Nubia and stop this dangerous hidden war against Nubia and Nubians.

Nubia Project: 151 Danbury Street, SW Washington, D.C. 20032
T (202)718-6687 -  F (202)644-5223
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The Nubian American Center Project

Nubian Americans of Metropolitan Washington, DC area are planning to establish a Nubian American Center to take care of the Nubian community and help spread the word about Nubia, its language, culture and traditions and strengthen the existing friendly relations between Nubia and America.

Nubians need your help either in finding an office space for the center or accommodate the center for a while till a permanent space is found . Those who are willing to help and want to join the center please sign on the attached membership form. All friends of Nubia, the Nubiologists, the academicians, writers, singers, philanthropists and activists are welcome onboard and become founding members of the center.

 Thank you.


Membership Form:
Nubian American Center membership
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Nobiin (Nubian) Language
and Grammar Book 1

We are looking for a publisher for the above mentioned book. We can send a PDF copy for review. It is written in Nubian (Nobiin) alphabets for English speakers and we have the true type font’s software for the Nubian alphabets. Please advise whether you can help or refer us to anyone who can help in publishing this book.

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